Components for test, automation, measurement and robotics ...

Under our trading mark "Texense Controls", we have been supplying test departments in the automotive , aeronautic , spatial, military, marine, robotics industries for the last 12 years with the following sensors:

- Pyrometer temperature sensors, single and multi-channel solutions (mainly, tire and brake disc temp)
- Thermocouple integrated amplifer (patented)
- Liquid temperature and PT100/1000 sensors
- Single and multi-axis accelerometers, gyroscopes and inertial boxes
- Strain gauges bonding with digital amplifiers (levers, shafts, connecting rods)
- Pitot and differential pressure sensors
- CAN interfaces
- Wheel speed sensors
- Integrated wireless sensors

The “On-board electronics” range of “Control” products is the fruit of our Research and Development activities. Our sensors have been designed to withstand of the harshest environment. The compact size, weight and integrated electronics allow our customers ease of installation.

The reliability and accuracy of our sensors and products enable us to have established long standing business relationships with our customers.

They are the ideal solution for equipment integrators, vehicle manufacturers, parts manufacturers and all automation and process supervision applications.