Discover the Texense® MIB-PTP-E, our brand-new fast micro-bolometer for temperature measurement with Ethernet output

Product Description

The MIB-PTP-E is a micro-bolometer based thermal camera system designed for many applications including industrial & military vehicles, aircraft, but also for motorsport. Thanks to its compact & lightweight housing, the MIB-PTP-E can be easily installed for temperature measurement. It is a fast, reliable and accurate sensor, with a 100Hz sampling rate, 1%FS accuracy at 200°C and an 80x60 pixel camera resolution. Additionally, this brand-new micro-bolometer is equipped with up to 8 GB of integrated memory for embedded data recording. The MIB-PTP-E is a PTP v2 compatible device, with fast data output done via Ethernet.
•    Embedded micro-bolometer thermal camera with 80x60 pixel camera resolution
•    Lightweight and compact design
•    100Hz sampling rate
•    1%FS accuracy at 200°C
•    8 GB of integrated memory for data recording
•    PTP v2 compatible
•    Fast data output via Ethernet