Pitot Sensors

Pitot Sensors

At Texense, we offer a wide range of high quality Pitot sensors for precise speed and pressure measurements. Our cutting-edge Pitot sensors meet your most demanding requirements.

The Texense Pitot sensors use the principle of the Pitot tube to precisely measure the speed and pressure of a fluid. Whether you work in motorsport, aeronautics or engineering, our Pitot sensors are essential tools to obtain precise data on the flow of air or fluid.

Their neat design guarantees precise and reliable measures. Equipped with high quality Pitot tubes, sensitive transducers and sophisticated electronic circuits, our sensors offer excellent resolution and rapid response, ensuring a precise measurement of speed and pressure.

Versatile, our Pitot sensors adapt to different applications. Whether you need to measure air speed in a wind tunnel, assess the dynamic pressure on a racing car or control the flow rate in a hydraulic system, our Pitot sensors meet your specific needs.

At Texense, we are committed to providing high quality products. Our Pitot sensors are rigorously tested to guarantee their reliability and optimal performance, thanks to the use of superior quality materials and advanced technologies.