The MP-1.20-WOT-YYY-A-HT is a 1.20mm diameter absolute pressure sensor and can withstand temperatures up to 185°C.



The MP-1.20-WOT-YYY-A-HT is one of the smallest pressure sensors on the market and this small size does not affect the accuracy of the sensor. YYY refers to the different pressure ranges available (002, 004, 007) bar. This pressure sensor is an absolute sensor and has a cylindrical configuration.

  • A diameter of 1.20 mm
  • Pressure range from 2 to 7 bar (30 to 100 PSI)
  • Can withstand up to 185 °C
  • A high resonance frequency of up to 2.7 MHz

This sensor has been used in various applications such as instrumentation, aerodynamic tests, pumps, biomedical, ...

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