THN2x-WS4 Wireless thermocouple conditioner


The NEW Texense THNx2-WS4 wireless thermocouple conditioner has been designed and developed to simplify wiring harness instillations, helping to eliminate potential electrical problems and save on costs (replacement of slip rings). Its highly compact size and wireless configuration allow it to be integrated into many systems, saving testing departments time in preparation and tests. Temperature data from the wireless thermocouple conditioner is broadcast (868/902/920 MHz) to our GenWM master receiver which outputs via a user configurable CAN system (CAN bus 2.0A output data at 10Hz sampling frequency). All Our Texense CAN based sensors are user programmable, most parameters can be configured, such as: baud-rate, emission frequency, CAN id’s, units etc. Its small size, high battery life (75 hours), impact and vibration resistant design make the THNx2-WS4 wireless thermocouple conditioner the ideal temperature measurement solution, the sensor is also validated to 3,000 rpm, making it perfect for rim or disc temperature measurements.